Why I Love Baseball

Here's the thing, I like baseball and for a Philadelphia fan the last couple of years have been pretty awesome. The Phillies won the World Series last year and are on their way to a repeat this year. It doesn't get any better. But being a Phillies fan or Phan is not so easy. They drive me nuts and at times I have to leave the room when they're playing because I just can't watch anymore, especially when Brad Lidge is on the mound. All he needs to do is strike out two batters and what does he do, he gives up four hits and two runs and suddenly the Phillies' one-run lead is gone, forcing the Phills to battle back once again. I tell you, I can't take it! The other night was a case in point. They were down, losing, and short of a baseball miracle there was no way they would win. Well, don't you know in the ninth inning they rally back to win with a couple of well-placed home runs! Thank you Jason Werth! Yikes. I thought my heart stopped three times it was so stressful to watch. The Phillies are a lot like children. They drive you nuts, make you angry, make you crazy, give you a stroke and then what? They turn around and do something wonderful to remind you why you love them so much. Last night's game, the first in the NLCS playoffs was no exception. What is wrong with Cole Hamels? He is not the pitcher we saw last year. Has becoming a new daddy taken its toll? When I became a new mommy I didn't all of a sudden start burning the toast or dropping the vacuum cleaner down the steps. Sheesh. But, they won, they slugged it out and won. Last night in the eighth Ibanez blasted a three-run homer and the Phills took the lead. It's a thing of beauty. This kind of baseball sometimes makes me question why I continue to watch, I mean really, why do I put myself through it. Life is certainly stressful enough. So why do I add more? Uhm. Well, because it's so exciting, because I love victory and because, there is always a chance that they can pull out a W when trialing even by a dozen runs. It takes one swing of the bat to start a rally. It takes one run to win the game. And until the final batter is out, the possibility of victory remains. With baseball, there is always possibilitites. And as Emily Dickinson said, "I dwell in possibility."
Go Phillies!

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