On A Roll (of duct tape)

Here's the thing, people are crazy. They have to be. It's the only explanation I can come up with to explain this: A person of obviously questionable scruples duct taped a kitty because she was howling too much. Funny thing was, the perp didn't tape her mouth. The SPCA had to sedate the cat to remove all the tape. I'm still not sure how the SPCA found the cat but I'm glad they did. Kitty is doing fine now. She's been nicknamed "Sticky". But seeing this report on our local news got me thinking about Duct tape sometimes called Duck Tape, perhaps because someone once duct taped a duck to keep it from quacking. It's amazing stuff and has countless uses. And I defy anyone to find me a kidnapper who has not used it to duct tape their victim's mouth. Did you know that enough Duct tape is produced each year to wrap around the equator 12.3 times? That's a lot of adhesive. We use it for everything apparently, from wrapping noisy cats to disguising our faces to commit crimes. Imagine wrapping your head and face in duck tape. Ouch! It is used in handy dandy ways also. Some folks make wallets, ipod cases, hats, shoes and dresses out of the stuff. I've seen pictures of pants, shirts, and ties made from it. (You people have way too much time on your hands). It goes into space and is probably right this second holding the International Space Station together. But alas, I do confess that I too have fallen under it's Siren spell. Back in college I drove a VW Beetle in serious and various stages of decay. But it mostly got me around. One day the passenger side floorboard began to rust through and crack off. Yep, I duct taped that sucker together and drove it for days before it finslly fell off when I went over some railroad tracks. Duck tape is paricularly wonderful because, I don't know about you, but I can never find my scissors when I need to tape my face up. So here's to Duck Tape. Amazing stuff. Just please, don' tape your cat.


Phoebe said...

Yes, I read about poor Sticky on fb. At least they caught they guy. And you forgot duct tape Bibles.

Pam Halter said...

I love duct tape!! But not for cats.