YIkes! Booksignings

Here's the thing. I love to meet people and talk about Agnes and writing and the most marvelous of God's creations--storytelling. We all have them, stories I mean. I'm just fortunate enough to get paid for writing them down--well sort of--if people buy my books. So I am embarking on a series of booksignings that I hope will generate not only a little income but also, a few new fans. I LOVE having fans. It still humbles and amazes me and thrills me all at the same time. So let me say thank you to all of you who have already bought Agnes Sparrow. It's awesome. But for those of you who are still waiting, well now's a good time. I know all of you are not near by, yikes, some of you live in Austrailia and England and Germany, oh my. Now that just blows me away. Germany! England! Austrailia and several other exotic locales. How did you guys find me? Well, anyhoo. If you are in Pennsylvania or Nashville over the next couple of weeks than I invite you to come, hang out, have a lemon square, eat some M&Ms, and I'll sign you're book, and maybe give out some other nifty prizes. Does this sound like begging? It's not. (yes it is) No it's not. I'm just saying, if you are looking for something to do on the following days, then why not come see me. I would love to meet you.

Friday, September 25th I will be at The Exton, PA, Barnes & Noble at 7pm.
Saturday, September 26th, I will be at the Springfield, PA Borders at 2pm.
Saturday, October 3, I will be at the Nashville Books a Million at 6pm.
November 12, 13, 14 Books Alive, Jefferson Texas with the marvelous Kathy Patrick, Queen Mother of the Pulpwood Queens Book Clubs.

Really, come visit even if you don't purchase a book. I really would like to see you.



sherry Kyle said...

Yeah, Joyce! I hope you sell a bajillion copies of Agnes!

Missed you at ACFW! It would've been nice to meet you at the Abingdon dinner. My contemporary novel will come out Spring 2011.

By then, you'll be able to tell me the secret to marketing, right? LOL.

Floss said...

If I bought another book, I'd be in the Pohouse, but I'll come by and see you Saturday. Have fun and use a fat pen, hold it loosely so as to preserve your hand for all the autographing you'll be doing.
Love ya,

Pam Halter said...

I'll be there on the 26th with lemon squares in hand! woo hoo!!