When Life Blurs

Here's the thing, I was flipping through the channels after a long day of being uber creative and writing until my fingers went numb. Is it possible to type so much your fingerprints disappear? That's another question. Anyway, like I said, I was flipping through the channels and I landed on a news story about a robbery at a jewelry store. They were showing a surveillance tape of the perp walking into the store, pulling a weapon of some sort, the tape was really grainy and fuzzy so it was hard to tell if he held a gun or a raggedy ann doll. Whatever it was, it must have been scary enough for the store clerk to hand over thousands of dollars in what appeared to be jewels but could have been popcorn. The idiot-robber even looked directly into the camera, but I couldn't tell if he was he or a she. Those thick hoodies make delineating the sexes impossible sometimes. Then he/she took off out the door. The announcer suggested that if any one in television land recognizes the hoodlum to please call local police. My question is this, how the heck can you tell if you know this guy or not? The tape was so terrible I couldn't distinguish the perp's arm from a coat rack. So, why are surveillance tapes so darn grainy and fuzzy. I mean, seriously how can the police expect to find any criminal? Unless of course the bandits really are running through life blurry. Is it possible that criminals are grainy and a pack of Philadelphia bandits are roaming the streets? We have high def TV, Satellite, crystal clear radio, digital video cameras, so why is it not possible to have high definition surveillance tapes? Isn't catching the drunk dude who careened his car into a street of innocent bystanders a little more noteworthy that hearing and seeing Patti LeBell in high definition? It's a valid question. But I suppose the important things in life do tend to get blurred. It's more fun to spend our money and time on the things that entertain than the things that matter. So what's blurred in your existence? God, maybe? If folks looked at you would they see a clear picture? Uhm. I'm so busy that if you were to playback the tapes in my head they'd be pretty grainy and pixilated. I need some definition.

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Pam Halter said...

For me, God comes in and out of focus. It's definitely something to work on.