The Real New Year

I suppose I should have posted this yesterday but I got so excited about the Library Journal review I didn't. Anyhoo, September 1 is for me anyway, the real New Year. It's weird but January 1 seems like the middle of the year for me. I like September 1because everything starts anew and fresh, new school year, new/and put-away fall clothes--digging out the sweat shirts and jeans, the smell of wood smoke in the air, going to Linvlla Orchards for apples and pumpkins, buying back to school clothes for the kiddies, not to mention the school supplies. Oh, how I love school supplies. It seems like businesses are starting up,the sunday school kick off is about to happen and we all get to go to new sunday school classes, the women's ministry bible study begins. I mean really, September is the real New Year. Even the air begins to feel new as the humidity drops. I don't feel like I'm stepping into a terraium everytime I leave my house. I can open windows for fresh air, turn off the AC. I feel like cooking again. I like soup. My chocolate chip cookies bake better in the fall. And of course, not to mention, baseball season winds down to the World Series, and football begins. It just doesn't get better than church Sunday morning, Football sunday afternoon.
So I'm thinking that maybe this is the better time to make new year resolutions. Who wants to resolve to do anyhting in the dead of winter. But now, with all this freshness going on, now is the perfect time to make changes. Here is my Autumn Resolution. Less TV. Yikes there I said it. I am really going to try and stop watching so much TV at night, especially the news. All it does is depress me and make me anxious. Frankly, if a bomb is headed my way, I don't want to know. Just drop it and let me die. And secondly, and this is big also, I'm thinking about doing away with my Blackberry or as I call it my Crackberry. Gasp! Do I really need to check email every twenty nano seconds? I did say, thinking about it. We'll see. But the TV thing? Ok, okay, I will watch certain shows. I love The Big Bang Theory. And yes I will watch American Idol (sorry). But no news is good news in my opinion. Books are better. I am going to take an Autumn book challenge and read the tower of books I have in a holding pattern right now. Hey, maybe we can read together. Leave a comment about your own autmnal challenge and we'll support each other. I truly want to read Anna Karennina all the way through, maybe Moby Dick, and more poetry. Among others. So let's turn off the TVs this Fall and pick up a book.
Oh, and I want to start doing more needle work. Fall always makes me want to pick up a needle. Too warm in the summer. So who's with me. Down with January resolutions. Up with Fall--is that an oxymoron.


Judy Christie said...

I love the beginning of September -- back-to-school, new church classes, weather, all the things you mentioned. I love it from a business and planning and writing standpoint, too -- I even write a Fall Plan each year, and this year I've added a September Plan! Thanks for your comments, dear friend. So happy about the Library Journal review with the photo and the star! Hooray, Agnes!

christa said...

Big Bang Theory---LOVE IT!

And those librarians are super smart chicks!

Pam Halter said...

I agree that September is a season of new beginnings ... and fall is my favorite season.

I look forward to everyone getting back to "normal" in September so I can get working on all the ideas I got over the summer for new books/devotions/articles.

And September means only 4 more months until Brenda's!!