Joyce Hears a Who

Here's the thing, I've been busy writing. I usually refer to this time as cave time when I attempt to have as little outside distraction as possible, except for family stuff, and whacking monsnters off and on in a video game for refreshment. I need to simply hunker down and write write write, especially when I am up against a deadline. Deadlines. Even the word is scary. DEAD-line. How grave. Um. So I hereby change the word from deadline to Finish line. Now see, doesn't that feel better already? It's more positive, uplifting and smacks of victory. Of course the meaning is the same, get it done or else. I am no newbie when it comes to Deadlines, er Finish Lines. I used to work in printing and publishing on the production side of things and everyday, it seemed, was a deadline for one project or another, sometimes two or three or more at the same time so I learned to work well under pressure. My new novel, Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise is due Oct. 1. (Don't worry, best editor in the world, Charlotte will cross the finish line early)and I hope, provide laughter and tears. Deadlines are important. The world exists because of deadlines. Everything has a due date, arrival and or departure time (okay they can be fuzzy but still), sell by date, shelf life, etc. Okay not doctors, they have their own time. Like it or not we exist on deadline. I got to wondering what would happen if everyone all of a sudden missed their deadline. Now there's a scary thought. The busses would stop running, mail would not be delivered, the presses wouldn't roll, the bread would not get baked, Holy Cow and none of us would get paid. So yes, deadlines are vital to our very existence. So embrace your deadlines, people. Even if it hurts. There are people counting on you whoever you are to meet your deadlines otherwise it will start a chain reaction so powerful nations will crumble because YOU missed the finish line. So what does so this have to do with Horton?
Well, the other day I went to meet Pammy for breakfast and the traffic was humming, horns honked, people scurried about like fleas from a dead cat. I parked the car, got out and I heard the Carillon of the Episcopal church in the background playing Holy, Holy, Holy. Kind of near, but kind of far. I paused a moment and thought how sweet, how telling that in the midst of all this rushing about to get somewhere on time, to meet the deadline, it was like God was saying, "I'm here. Don't forget me. I see you in all your urgency but I'm what's really important." So please, don't forget God as you move through your day, take time to visit with Him, he likes that. And I suspect meeting that deadline, crossing the finish line will get a trifle bit easier if you dare to take time. And oh, I would have stayed and listened to the pretty music longer but I was meeting Pammy and I didn't want to be late. Who knows what chain reaction would have started.


Phoebe said...

:) I'm glad to hear Charlotte will cross the finish line early!

Pam Halter said...

Missing the deadlines for *some* things wouldn't be so bad. I think we all need to slow down and listen to the music.