It is Just So Exciting!

The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow was recently sighted on the front tables at a Nashville Area Barnes & Noble. I'm so proud to soo my baby out thre, mixing it up in the real world. And look at the compnay she's keeping. Not too shabby. Keep those pictures coming. If you see Agnes on a table, snap a shot. It would be an extra bonus if you were in the pic. and send it to me. I will pick a winner to recieve a grab bag of goodies. Really. I will.Soon. Not sure when. But soon.


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Congrats! Joyce. I took a photo this weekend, but I haven't gotten around to downloading it yet. Keep up the great work promoting it.

Rita Gerlach said...

Hoorah! So glad for you, Joyce!
Barnes & Noble in town had three copies of Surrender the Wind! And, I'm meeting with author Marylu Tyndall in Baltimore tomorrow. I'll be hunting down our books in the huge Barnes & Noble in the Inner Harbor and get photos.

amy devries said...

I have just discovered you and your wonderful writing due to a display of books, ( face out) at the public library. Between work and kids, I rarely have time to read. I am so thoroughly enjoying Agnes.