The Eye of the Spud

Here's the thing, I blogged about apples and how many flipping varieties of apples exist on planet earth. So I checked. There are over 7500 known varieties of apples worldwide. "KNOWN" mind you. Does this mean there are renegage apples out there waiting to be discovered? Are apples cross breeding without the Dept.of Agriculture's knowledge? This could be scary folks if the apples ever manage to take over. All those eyes staring at you. I'm not so much worried about aliens as I am apples taking over the world. Would that mean we'd call out the Marine Core? Sheesh. Again I ask the question. Do we NEED this many apples? Wouldn't the money spent to produce the less popular varieties be better used to, oh, I don't know, feed the starving. But that's another rant. Anyhoo, my friend Sue from Zondervan commented about potato varieties. Here's a kicker, Sue. I did some research and did you know there are currently 575 "KNOWN" varieties of potatoes? You can read an alphabetical list here. Again I have to ask the question. WHY? I'm just wondering. Now I love potatoes. Always did. My mother will tell you that I would eat a bowl of mashed potatoes cold for a late night snack even though she told me if I ate too much I'd get the collywobbles. I have never seen nor eaten anything other than your basic brown potato, occassionally yellow and of course red. But for heavens sake where are these 575 varieties and why doesn't the consumer have access to say the King Edward VII potato? It's true. That's an actual variety. Along with the Pamela, the Ostara, and the Santana, etc. Potatoes can be brown, pink, red, yellow, blue or purple. I for one am not too keen on seeing a plopper of mashed purple potatoes next to my Sunday roast but hey, why not. Purple potatoes make me laugh. But, I don't know, do you put brown gravy on purple potatoes? Um. Not too aPEELing.
575 different potatoes in the world. This is amazing. I think the next time I'm at the grocery store I'll ask the manger if he can get The King Edward potato. I want to try it. Life is way too short to only eat a few types of potatoes, don't you think? Besides I want to see the look on my son's face when I put a plate of purple french fries in front of him, or purple mashed, or purple baked or purple chips or purple au gratin or scalloped purple or . . . gees there must be a million ways to serve potaotes. um. I just want what's out there. We live in a country where pretty much everything is availble to us except The King Edward VII potato. This is not right.


Phoebe said...

Gross! Blue potatoes!? -facedesk- I think I could live with purple, but blue?

Pam Halter said...

Remember when GREEN ketchup came out? It was the color of olives, and while it tasted like regular ketchup, it was pretty creepy looking. We used it ONCE on Halloween (it seemed appropriate) and never bought it again.

Green ketchup on purple fries. Hmmmmmm . . . . now that's what I'm talking about! HA!!