What does Captain Noah Have To Do With It?

The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow takes center stage tomorrow. Well at least it's supposed too. I love Barnes and Noble--great bookstore. And, according to my publisher, starting tomorrow and running through Labor Day, Agnes is going to be displayed on their center tables. Woo Hoo. That means when you walk into one of their stores you should see Agnes pretty much right away. I sure hope they don't forget. It sure would be nice to see.

The bad news is that there is only one B&N near my home. And it is not only extremely small, but of all the stores I've checked electronically, this is the only one not carrying Agnes. Uhm. Weird. The nearest store to me is 25 miles away. And yes, I will make the journey out there to check on things. But that's where all of you come in. If over the next week you visit a B&N Store would you please look for The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow and if you see her on the table and you just so happen to have a camera with you would you snap a shot of it and you at the table, looking proud, saying, "I know this author," and then send it to me. I'd like to post them on my website.

And not only will I hang you pictures proudly but I will pick one random picture taker to receive a signed copy of The Bright's Pond Map. Good deal.

So get out your cameras and go on the hunt.
I feel a little like Captain Noah. Any of you remember him? He hosted a cartoon show. We used to send our pictures to him and Mrs. Noah and he'd show them on the TV--pretty exciting stuff. Then he would sing:

Send your pictures to dear old Captain Noah
Send today, Send right away.
Send your pictures to dear old Captain Noah
We'll hang them high in the TV sky.
Send your pictures to Dear old Captain Noah

Anyway, if there are any Agnes sightings, let me know. Gee, hope she doesn't crush the tables.


Laurie said...

How exciting. I will look at my B and N! Congratulations Agnes, you will look fabulous displayed!

Joyce said...

Thanks Laurie. Don't forget your camera.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL...I will check for you to!

Rita Gerlach said...

Me, too. I'd love to send you a picture of copies of Agnes weighing down the B&N table.

you gotta wonder said...

It's so exciting! I'll be sure to look at my B&N in Austin, TX.