To Be Public Like a Frog

I believe a writer's life is filled with love/hate relationships. I know this because I am deeply concerned about something that has been staring me in the face for several days. My publicist sent me a box of books that I am supposed to sign and send back. Why am I putting this off? I don't know. I love that I am a published author and people want me to sign their books but going public is hard for me. Please don't misunderstand, I am thoroughly in love with being a writer.

Oh, shove a microphone under my nose and I can do ten minutes of stand up on my life and times which isn't always pretty/but generally good for a laugh. But that's more spontaneous or something. Shove a box of books under my nose and I freeze up and cringe. This is like premeditated show-offiness. My mother always told me not too think too highly of myself. Maybe I've taken that adage a trifle too far. I thought it might be because my handwriting is terrible and I don't want to embarrass myself. I mean I did break both of my arms the same month all of the other kids were learning how to hold a pencil and form some rudimentary letters. I really was absent that day. Then I thought my procrastination has more to do with not knowing what pithy or charming words to write.

I even asked my pubs opinion. Sheesh. I am not being waterboarded here, folks. This should be making me happy. I'm certain my colleagues have all signed their books and sent them on their merry way back to Abingdon by now. Well, today is the day. I am determined to sit down and sign twenty books—all in a row, one at a time and write the best thing I can. I even purchased some new pens. Okay, it's was just an excuse to purchase new pens. I love new pens. Well stationery stores are Mecca to me.

These books are to be used in give away and contest promotions during my upcoming blog tour and stuff. So, if you win a book and open to the signature. Relish it a little. Remember what care and love and thought went into it. I love my readers. I just want it all to be perfect—even my signature.

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Susan Skitt said...

And your readers will appreciate it so much Joyce! Just think of it this way, it makes your book personal and a gift for people to treasure.