Some Autumnal Thoughts

The doggiest of the dog days of summer have hit the Philadelphia area. It's only 6:30 in the morning and already the temperature is eighty. I'm not a fan of extreme heat but there is something special about these days as summer winds down and most folks are looking forward to the autumn and back to school. From where I sit in my little writing corner I can hear the cicada symphony outside. The music rises and reaches a crescendo and then climbs back down just to wind back up again. Seems rather monotonous to me and I have to wonder if the cicadas get sick of the their own sound. Still it is the most summery of sounds. The air conditioning is going full blast most of the time except an hour or so in the earliest part of the morning. But we get used to moving from horrible heat to cold.

Speaking of back to school I am getting ready to take Emily back to college next week. She's starting her second year at West Chester University. Adam is going into fifth and I think he's ready for a change in routine. A boy can only catch so many minnows, play so many video games, swim and ride his bike and throw things and beat up his buddies for so long--well maybe he could do those things forever but I am glad school is starting. I think he needs the routine. Oh, did you feel that? A small breeze jsut came through the window carrying the aroma of bacon.

I love Back to School shopping. New pens and pencils, notebooks and fresh pink erasers with no smudge marks, socks and underwear, dividers and little boxes and backpacks, protractors and rulers, antibacterial wipes and baggies. There is nothing like the smell of fresh school supplies.

I was in the store yesterday and already they have Fall stuff out, pumpkin spice and Halloween decor, Spiced Cookies and apples galore. I like it. I like the smells and the look of autumn, the crinkle of leaves beneath my feat, the changing colors of the trees, the cool air and golden sunshine, sitting outside with hot coffee and a sticky bun. Yep autumn is best for many reasons. For me, September 1 is the start of the new year. Let's make it a good one.

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Carly Kendall said...

What a wonderful post! I feel the same way about this time of year. I look forward to autumn and all its colors and scents. This summer seems to have gone by so fast though. Before we know it, we'll be putting up the Christmas tree. Thanks for the post and have a wonderful day.