The Most Awesome Clinic

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference. I taught the Not-Yet-Published-Novelists Clinic or as I called it the NYPN Blues. I was impressed by the desire, talent and burden these women (yes all women this year) carry into their writing. Not only did I see a desire to write a good story but also to find ways to make their stories relevant, thoughtful and make an impact on someone's life.

We talked about everything from Show Don't Tell, the cardinal virtue of good writing, to POV and Dialect. We laughed, we talked, we learned together. So, I just want to say thank you to all the women in my class this year. Thank you for trusting me with your words, for allowing me to spend time with you, to laugh and learn. I too gain insight and truth while teaching.

You guys are the best. It was a pleasure. Keep writing, keep reading and remember God does bless perseverance.


Laurie said...

Thanks for writing about us:) And what an incredibly important thing to remember- YES GOD DOES BLESS PERSEVERANCE!

Laurie said...
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Johnese said...

What a great weekend this was. You rock!