Is it Agnes? You Decide

Welcome to JOYCE TO THE WORLD where I bring you guests from all over the countryside with something interesting, quirky, or even amazing to talk about. Today's episode is no exception. It's not just another fish story!

Miracles happen, we all know that. But what really is a miracle? Some people say everyday the sun comes up is a miracle, others say every new baby is a miracle, um I don't know. To me these are things that happen all the time, it's science, or nature or because it's how God planned it. But are they really miracles? I mean what exactly is a miracle? That might be a topic for further blogging but yesterday I received an email from a fan of The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow claiming that he got his miracle. Is it because of Agnes? You decide. I'm running his message for all to see and marvel and well, be amazed. Be very amazed.

So today I welcome Dale to share his tale. Thank you Dale for allowing me to tell the world about your miracle.

I got my miracle just reading Agnes. This weekend was Shaun and my Father/Son weekend. So Saturday AM, while he was still sleeping (after a rowdy Scrabble marathon that ended at 3:00 AM), I began reading Agnes. Just reading mind you, not praying to her or anything. So he got up and after breakfast we went fishing. Now you need some history here.
When I go fishing with either of the kids it means I stand there with my line dangling as limp and useless as an overcooked spaghetti noodle, while they catch fish. At one time I held the MT. Creek record for 7 consecutive years without catching a single fish--not one. And yes that's years! In my entire life I've only caught four or five fish-- in
my entire life. But Saturday afternoon, after just reading Agnes, I got my miracle. Twenty fish in a single afternoon. that's right 20! I thought at first it was my lucky hat, or the right combination of hat and t-shirt, then I remembered reading Agnes, and I knew where my miracle came from. It was from Agnes. Joyce, you need to get an Agnes blog or website or something going where readers can send in and proclaim their Agnes miracle. I've already ordered the t-shirts and am talking to the
campground about erecting a sign.

So you tell me? A miracle. Does reading The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow open you up to possibilities, to things happening? Maybe. Any good book will, as Emily Dickinson puts it, "Dwell in possibility."

If you are reading The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow, be aware. Prayer is powerful. Let me know about your miracle (or semi, quasi miracle) and I'll post it here. If Dale can catch a fish, or twenty, anyone can. Perhaps Jesus whispered in his ear, "cast your line on this side."

Keep reading. Keep praying and have a piece of pie.

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Pam Halter said...

I was saving my copy of Agnes for vacation ... but I need a miracle, so I guess I'll start reading today! :)