Fab Review from Library Journal

Wow! This is such fun. Thank you Library Journal

This unusual first novel introduces two quirky sisters who live in their family's funeral home in the town of Bright's Pond, PA. Griselda Sparrow is protective of the overweight (as in 600 pounds) and often-taunted Agnes. One day, however, Agnes decides to confine herself to their home and devote herself to praying for the townspeople. When her prayers start to produce miracles, the town takes notice—a development that only complicates the sisters' lives. VERDICT This delightfully eccentric tale, with its colorful characters who pull at the heartstrings, will stay with readers long after they finish it.


Rita Gerlach said...

Hi Joyce,
This is great. Do you have a link to Library Journey's reviews? I found their site, but cannot find reviews for the Abingdon books.

klh said...

My wife and I are reading an advance copy of this that we got from an employee at Abington--we are only in chapter six, but we love it already! We have lots of question and can't wait to learn more about the characters. I keep wanting to read with a southern accent, but then have to relocate myself in rural PA.

Joyce said...

klh: thanks! It means a lot. Actually I've been told I should ahve been a southern writer. I call it Yankee Fiction with Southern Charm. Let me know. Send me your email addy and I will send you a map of Bright's Pond.