Bringing Clarity to Writing Tips

This might be a tad more information than you care to know about me but I take blood pressure medication to well, duh, control my blood pressure. No big deal, once a day and I'm fine. Well the other day I actually read the prescription bottle. It reads: Take one pill by mouth per day. Um. I had to wonder. Am I that stupid? How else would I take this pill? In my ear? As an, excuse me, but suppository? (pun intended) I mean really, shove one pill per day up your nose? Well that got me thinking about other apparently obvious stuff that might need some clarification, particularly for writers.

Write Tight does not mean to get drunk and then write.

Kill your darlings does not mean to well, murder your loved ones.

First time authors need to finish a novel before submitting means to FINISH THE NOVEL BEFORE SUBMITTING! (Sorry for yelling but . . .)

Raising the stakes has nothing to do with cattle ranching.

A character arc is not a big boat filled with lots of imaginary people.

A plot is not where you bury your aforementioned darlings.

The words Fiction Novel in that order, in one sentence, should never come out of your mouth.

RUE does not only refer to my good pal and awesome writer Nancy Rue. It also means Resist the Urge to Explain. I need to resist the urge to explain this. Don’t do it. Let the story explain for you.

SDT is not a sexually transmitted disease with dyslexia. It means Show the actions don't tell me. In other words don't be boring. DBB.

That's just a few I've come up with. Perhaps you guys have more tips for writers.
Oh, BTW, that's my mother up there. Blogger wouldn’t cooperate yesterday so I decided to run it today. She's a hoot.


Laurie said...

Hi there Joyce,
Funny (and true)writing tips for us! (Once more I appreciate your humorous style.) You did indeed help me along the writing path... a good ways:) And, guess who I saw in Richmond, Virginia at Chesterfield Towne Center in the Family Bookstore today? That's right. Agnes! She is a big hit. I smiled and then told my friend, hey the author taught my clinic. (And, I felt VERY important indeed!)

Joyce said...

Wow, that's exciting Laurie. Hey if you have a book club and would like em to come visit. Let me know. Check the blog later, I'm yakking about my most wonderful clinic.

Pam Halter said...

POV ~ point of view ~ WHO is telling the story?