Another great review!

By Joyce Magnin
ISBN 978-1-4267-0164-1
Abingdon Press
Reviewer Cynthia Hickey

Griselda Sparrow has taken care of her sister Agnes for as long as she can remember. She’s used to the line of people seeking prayers from Agnes and she’s used to the stares her sister receives. Because of the miracles happening due to the prayers of Agnes, the town’s people want to erect a sign that welcomes visitors to their town. Then, the unthinkable happens and the town’s inhabitants are turned upside down, their faith tilted. Could it be they had their faith in the wrong place to begin with?

Narrated by Griselda, it’s quickly noticeable that the town of Bright’s Pond is the main character in the book, spinning tales around the Sparrow sisters. THE PRAYERS OF AGNES SPARROW is full of characters the reader won’t quickly forget. Small town and quirky, you can’t help but love every one.

Even the crotchety old man who says Agnes is an abomination of God. With subtle references, the reader is guided to God’s truth; not man’s. A ten on the faith scale, this is a novel that will leave the reader looking for more stories by Joyce Magnin.

Thank you Cynthia. And yes, there is another story on it's way next Fall.


Linda Clare said...

Hi Joyce,
I signed up to follow your blog and hope you'll follow mine! Great review, btw.
Linda Clare

Anonymous said...

Joyce, I have just finished reading "Prayers..." and really
liked it!
I thought the characters were uniquely quirky yet believable,
the plot unexpected, and the
development of both page-turners.
Thanks for the interesting ride
into the lives of Bright'a Pond
Picayune, MS