Post-It Notes. How do I love thee!

The decision to blog might or might not have been such a wise choice for me, because like most things in my life I agonize over it. What should I blog about? Will anyone read it? Does anyone care? If Joyce blogged in the forest would she make a sound? Um. Anyway, this morning I woke up and the first thought in my brain was, "OMG, I need a blog post."

So after a cup of coffee I proceeded to think on it. Like Winnie the Pooh. "Think. Think. Think." I looked around my terribly sloppy, paper, book, picture, cup, water bottle, Blackberry, pen, pencil, date book-strewn writing table and counted thirty-seven post-it notes with various and sundry scribbles on them. I LOVE post-it notes. I use them for well, notes, like "Pick-up Emily at 7:07, Ard. Train." Or, "Doc. 2:30." Or the ever popular, "Don't forget your mother." Of course I have several notes with what appear to be telephone numbers scratched onto them. Only trouble is, I don't know whose numbers they are. Um. I use them in books to mark passages I like, or potential points to make in a writing class. I use them to jot down some of the many brilliant thoughts I've had throughout the day that might make it into a novel. I use them to write URLs on when something strikes my fancy. The latest was something about a prayer hanky I was going to investigate. Never did. Sometimes while I'm writing I realize I need to research something so I use Post-its for snippets of info. Yes, the uses of these little wonders is staggering. Even my kids have jumped on the sticky bandwagon. If they need me to do something they know it's best to write a post-it and stick it on my computer or table or forehead and I will get around to it sooner or later. They ask, "should I write a post-it or will you remember?" I just look at them. "Duh, post-it. Mom can’t remember anything anymore." There you go. Post-it’s the best thing for the perimenopausal brain. And I look like a hero—eventually.

But did you know that Art Fry, the fella who invented the note did so when he needed to find a way to mark his church hymnal without hurting the book. That's him over there. True story. So he used a little of the adhesive invented by Spencer Silver on the edge of a piece of paper and voila! The birth of the Post-It note. Thank you Art and Spencer. I love Post-it notes and hey, I am a bit of a post-it snob. I've tried those knock-offs. They just don’t work as well. Spencer's glue rocks! I'm just saying.

And they come in so many pretty colors now and with little pictures on them and cute sayings. I mean seriously, you could decorate your whole office with a well-placed Post-It Notes. They come in chunks, cute swirly things, they have cute little Post-It Note cubes and even ones that are attached. I don’t like them so much. The only down-side, if there is a down-side to the Post-it is knowing which end it up sometimes. Occasionally I write a note, go to stick it and realize the glue is on the bottom. That bothers me. I don’t like reading upside down.

So here I am about to post my blog about post-it notes. Hey, that's how I should look at my blog. Just a great big Post-it note. Um. That's a subject for another blog. I'll make a post-it.

How do you use Post-Its?

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Pam Halter said...

So, you DO make notes ... yours are just on post-its and not the computer. :)

Post-its are okay. I don't really use them. I prefer regular note pads ... but maybe, when my "office space" is complete, I'll actually have a place to stick post-its!