Meet Author Judy Christie!

Welcome to Joyce to the World where every so often on an extremely irregular basis Joyce brings you interviews with some literary rising stars and maybe a few stars that are already shining brightly in the literary skies. To begin this season Joyce to the World has traveled to Louisiana to visit with first time fiction author Judy Christie to spend a few minutes with us. Judy is the author of Gone to Green published by Abingdon Press Fiction.

Welcome Judy!

Judy Christie is the author of “Gone To Green,” her debut novel and the first of a series set in Green, Louisiana. A former journalist, Judy owns a consulting business that helps busy people hurry less and worry less. She has written a series of nonfiction books on how to slow down and enjoy each day more, with "Hurry Less, Worry Less at Work" due out in September (from Abingdon Press). She lives in Louisiana and enjoys exploring flea markets and used bookstores, wandering through the park and sitting in the porch swing. She is married to a middle-school science teacher and is not much of a cook.

So, what does it feel like to have your first novel published?

Fabulous. Scary. Exciting. Nerve-wracking. Absolutely wonderful! I promised myself I would write a novel by the time I turned 50 – and I almost made it. To anyone who is considering writing a novel, sit down and get started.

Tell us a little about your novel.

“Gone to Green” is about a big-city journalist who winds up running a newspaper in tiny Green, Louisiana. Lois Barker expects a charming little town but encounters all sorts of prejudice and financial corruption – but also meets a group of people who help her become the person she was meant to be. She changes the town of Green – and the town changes her.

I love Lois because she is struggling to find her path in life, and I think most of us do that at one time or another. And I really like the town of Green, quirks and all.

“Gone to Green” is the first of a series of Green novels. The second one, “Goodness Gracious Green,” comes out in 2010. “Green Through and Through” in 2011.

Thank you Judy. Now for some more personal stuff.

Bugs Bunny or Road Runner? Why?

Bugs Bunny. Road Runner seems just a little too frenzied for my hurry less, worry less self. And I admit to being a bit of a control freak, much like Bugs.

If you knew you were going to be stranded on a desert island for six months, what three things would you bring? Besides your Bible.

** My journal, without a doubt. I’m a journal-keeping nerd. Have kept one since I was 9 and have all of them. Would a pen be my second item or could it be included with the journal, as a sort of package deal?

** Diet Dr Pepper

** My walking shoes -- because if I were stranded, maybe I would be forced to exercise consistently.

Rock, Classical, Jazz?

Rock. Bruce Springsteen. Best concert of my life? Springsteen at the first New Orleans JazzFest after Hurricane Katrina.

Shore? Mountains? City?

Hmmm. Shore. Whale Cove on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; or coast of Maine.

But I love to travel almost anywhere.

Name one of your favorite movies. One of your favorite books. Favorite pie?

Movie: “Young Frankenstein.” Really annoys the young’uns when we adults quote all the lines.

Book: “Gift From The Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. (And might I add that “The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow” is a great book with wonderful characters!)

Favorite pie: Fresh peach pie from Strawn’s restaurant in Shreveport, La. I am a fan of the pie!

Thank you Judy for joining us on The Joyce to the World Show. Be sure to visit again.

Thanks, Joyce. These questions were so fun that I wanted more!

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All the best with the launch of your first novel this fall! Judy


christa said...

I'm delighted to be able to follow a fellow Louisiana chick on the road to publication!

Thanks for the interview Joyce, and I look forward to finding the two of you in the bookstores soon.

Cynthia Ruchti said...

Having had the privilege of meeting the authors and reading both Judy's and Joyce's books ahead of time, I can recommend them without reservation...the people and their books!

Joyce said...

Ah, thanks Sisters. You guys Rock. Who wants the next interview?

Judy Christie said...

May I have another one? With some more of the fun questions?