The Greater Philly Writers Conference

Next month I will be teaching at The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, August 6-8, in Langhorne, PA. I've attended this conference many, many times as both a conferee and as faculty--leading a variety of workshops. This year I am conducting a fiction clinic for Not Yet Published Novelists or as I've been calling it NYPN Blues. It should be fun. I love to teach and talk about words and books and writing and I hope the 12 or so folks in my clinic will walk away feeling they've learned something valuable and lasting--something that will help them rise above the run of the mill slush that editors see every day. Other faculty include Shannon Marchese of Waterbrook, Sue Brower of Zondervan, Kathy Mackel, Jeff Gerke, Pam Halter, Susan May Warren and a whole lot of other talented and smart people. If you're already registered, then get ready for a great time. If you haven't registered I suggest you do so quickly. GPCWC is one of the best. Register here, Write His Answer.

If you aren't able to get into my clinic, I have time set aside to meet for appointments or track me down at a meal or around campus. I'm happy to chat.

If you are in my clinic, leave a comment and let me know what you're looking forward to most about the clinic and the conference in general. If you are not in my clinic, leave a comment with a question you might have wanted to ask about your WIP or writing novels and I'll do my best to answer.

Contest Flash: If you leave your comment in verse and I like it best, you will receive a free, signed copy of The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow. Have fun. See you there.

and just for fun. Who can decode this message? The first person to do it wins an Agnes.


Good Luck! If no one gets it soon I'll post a clue.


Pam Halter said...

A writer's conference can take you far

As long as you don't recieve a shiny, red R.

HA!! Can't wait to teach the orientation with you. It's always fun.

Bill Giovannetti said...

A Newbie's Prayer for the Writer's Conference

With grand aspirations for Conference,
And toward all published authors, much deference,
The novice murmers prayers tinged with diffidence,
"O Lord, let this $1,800 make the difference."

Joyce said...

Wonderful! Bravo Bill!

Melissa Helland said...

Joyce, I'll be in your clinic and I'm looking forward to it because to shamelessly plagiarize Tennyson ...

Tis' better to have conferenced and remain unpublished than to have never conferenced at all.

clare said...

Looking forward to,
Joyce Magnin's clinic,
learning how,
best selling authors to mimic,
Strengthen my writing,
Sharpen my wit,
Make new friends,
Be sure not to quit.
Sharing good chocolate,
and vanilla lattes sweet.
Knowing when its done,
God's purpose is complete.

Anonymous said...

The thing that’s got me crazy
Is the messed up middle part.
I didn’t have a problem
When I only had to start.

But now I’ve got to hook
The front part to the end.
And all the little rabbit trails
I guess I have to mend.

How can I make the climax
Follow Oh so naturally,
To the crazy crooked story
That it’s turned out to be?

My characters have stories
That I long to tell in full
But isn’t that another book?
Still I can’t resist the pull.

One quarter of the way along
My character must change
I just can’t seem to make him
It feels a little strange.

And then I have to move along
The story and the plot.
It didn’t seem so bad at first
But not it’s quite a lot.

I guess I need a roadmap
From the first page to the last
I hope the clinic helps me
And I hope it gets here fast!

Karen Deikun
Poetic entrant
For what I hope to learn