Allergic to mice and blackberry!

Now that's weird. But very possibly true. I went to the doc on friday. Nothing spectacular, just routine and I am happy to report that everything is fine. Even my cholesterol is good. I don't deserve it. Good genes I suppose. But the other reason, the real reason I went to see my wonderful doc is because my ears hurt. I thought at first it was swimmer's ear or some such malady. But no. She looked inside and pulled and poked but no, no infection. Just some redness. "Could it be my cell phone?" I asked. "Could be," she said. And upon further discussion, after I showed her my red and bumpy and flaky fingers we concluded that I could very well be allergic to some plastics. Yikes! Like there is plastic in everything. The rash on my hands directly correlates to where I hold the computer mouse and my video game controller and my sore red ears are probably that way from pressing my Blackberry against my ears to listen. Weird huh? Leave it to me. If it's weir, it can happen to me. What's even stranger is that I am also allergic to the blackberry found in nature, i.e. blackberry jam, pie, muffins, what have you. Now you have to admit that's weird. The problem is, I love my job, writing novels and I love my Blackberry. I won't give them up. being allergic to my mouse is like a gardener being allergic to roses or a mortician allergic to formaldehyde. What can you do? So for now I'll put some creams on my hands to tone down the itch, although not while I'm working because that's sloppy. I'm thinking about getting one those Bluetooth Borg Quasi-implant things, but I think I'll look funny with that thing stuck in my ear and it's also made of plastic so will it really help? Leave it to me to be allergic to one of the things I love most in life--my work. Oh well, I'll just keep on scratching--at my hands and my career. Hey maybe this is why they say when you really want to do something you get, :an itch for it."
So any other strange allergies out there? Just for the record, I am also allergic to grass, most trees, dust, bee stings, cats and mayonnaise--not really I just hate mayonnaise so if I say I'm allergic people don't pressure me to "try it, you'll like it."

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Pam Halter said...

I'm allergic to bees, too.