Agnes Sparrow Receives Pulpwood Queen Seal of Approval

I'm not sure exactly how it happened but a few months ago I discovered The Pulpwood Queens--the largest tiara wearing, book sharing book club pretty much on the planet. The Pulpwood Queens was founded by the astonishing Kathy Louis Patrick--a true missionary for books and literacy. And someone authors and book club people need to know. She is a dynamo with a heart for books and people like no other. Begun in her beauty parlor, Beauty and the Book, the Pulpwood Queens now have chapters all over the country and it's growing. Kathy has been on Oprah, Good Morning America and other national TV shows. A couple of days ago she named The Praters of Agnes Sparrow as a bonus book club selection for The Pulpwood Queens book clubs for the month of November, 2009. And that's not all. Yesterday, Agnes Sparrow received the official Pulpwood Queens seal of approval. See the logo in the corner. that's it, folks, proof positive, Agnes Sparrow is a tiara-wearing Pulpwood Queen. I am thrilled right down to my toes for this honor. Make sure you visit the Pulpwood Queens site and get to know Kathy Louise Patrick.


Floss said...

Joyce, you have definitely ARRIVED! Good heavens, Woman. Congratulations on yet another rung on the ladder of success.

Susan Skitt said...

That's great Joycey! Wow! Let me know about any book parties for your book's release, okay? I want to spread the word and try to come!

P.S. I just got my check from Simon and Schuster for my story, By Divine Appointment in a book called God Encounters. It's due to release on Oct. 13, 2009 :)

Miss you and I'll miss seeing you at conference this year, it is the same week as our vacation. Our oldest is working all summer at a Christian family camp in New York. We'll see him there on vacation :)