She Thinks She's a Chicken

Poor little thing. I have this parakeet. Actually, my son has this parakeet. She lives in a small cage and squawks frequently. She also eats butter cookies, bananas, mango, glazed donuts (a bit not the whole thing) and she lays eggs. It's true. The bird lays a fresh egg every time I remove the old one. Adam has counted twenty so far. It's really pretty pathetic if you think about it. I mean it's not like the eggs are viable or anything. But she is so proud. She goes to the bottom of the cage and lays it and then climbs back up and tells me all about it. She's so proud. And then she scurries back down, tucks the little white egg close to her breast and sits there keeping it warm. Makes you want to cry doesn't it? So I remove the empty egg and wait for the next. Maybe it's the mango, all those B Vitamins. Writing is like that sometimes. But we keep going because our nature won't let us do anything else. What's in your egg?

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Pam Halter said...

The thought occured to me as I was reading about your parakeet laying eggs that I'm not really that different with my writing. I come up with what I think is a great idea and I write and write and write ... send it to publisher after publisher and wait, holding it tightly to my breast, hoping it will hatch. So far, I'm right up there with your poor bird. :) But I keep laying those eggs because you're right - our nature won't let us to anything else.